Mynas hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and since early 2015 has become synonymous with the underground metal scene of the city. Giving off a sound that is unique, unrelenting and a reflection of love and dedication to the metal genre.

The bands music is a genuine mix of sounds from traditional to Scandinavian to new metal With influences from: Inflames, at the gates, slipknot, Metallica, Children of Bodom, black dahlia murder Etc...

Their collective goal is to create metal that feels powerful and unique, mixing old thrash with new aggressive sounds in their song writing for an unforgettable barrage of heavy music.

The Beginning

In early 2014 Mynas was fully imagined by three friends that shared a musical vision.

Miles Lanham, Mark Bazar, Dean Greenwood.

With nothing but a home recording console and a collection of songs and riffs. Mynas was just three guys trying to finish a body of work. The intentions were no grater than. Record the album, release it, put it to bed…

At first the three were dedicated. They worked on the material relentlessly. As the production moved forward it was clear that Miles and Mark would want to pursue more. Dean was clearly loosing interest. Showing up to recording sessions less and less frequently.

With the album almost complete it was time for Dean to record his solos. He was nowhere to be found…

This delayed the production. Miles and Mark had a tough decision to make…

Fear the Slave

By January of 2015 Mynas had added two new members. Mike Fitzgerald and Jeff Pritz.

With a new perspective, the project was coming to life. it was clear that it would no long be just a studio project. Mike and Jeff helped complete the album by adding their influence.

Jeff was tasked with adding solos to nine of the tracks. Miles and Mike worked on percussion. in September of 2015 their dream had come to life in the form of the bands first full length album "Fear The Slave". 
Mynas performed three dates in support of the newly released material with Mike Fitzgerald filling in on the drums.

In January 2016 Mike parted ways with the project to make way for Mauricio Silva who would become the permanent drummer for the band. Mynas finished out the 2016 year by playing a few shows in the local Vegas scene.

Best Laid Plans

Continuing to play shows in support of “Fear the Slave”. Mynas started to build something. A following. As 2017 neared the summer Mynas was awarded a spot on the Vans Warped tour In Las Vegas.

With one full length album behind them, it was time to move forward. The question of what does Mynas sound like “now” needed to be answered…

The band took to writing new material. the decision was made to dedicate the rest of 2017 to recording and producing the best album possible. Unfortunately everything came to a halt when Miles was forced to have surgery in December. Leaving him unable to play for three months…

Building the Unknown

As production resumed. March 2018 found Mynas working diligently. It was time to create something extraordinary.

Most of the writing was done on the fly. Production dates were set and past with no official announcements of when the album would be complete.

In October of 2018 the band started to see the light. After months of hard work Mynas had twelve songs written and recorded. “Dead to the Unknown” was born. The answer to the question “what does Mynas sound like now?” was finally answered…A release date was set for January 26th 2019

Dead to the Unknown

Mynas returned to the stage in their hometown Las Vegas NV on February 2nd 2019 Supporting their newly released record. Playing to a sold out crowd at Backstage Bar and billiards…

Just a few months after the release Jeff Pritz parted ways with Mynas. Making way for current guitarist Kevin Balzano…

Mynas is:

Miles Lanham(Vocals,Rhythm Guitar)

Kevin Balzano(Lead Guitar)

Mark Bazar(Bass)

Mauricio Silva(Drums)

They are currently out supporting their album

“Dead to the Unknown”